Frequently Asked Questions

Why are certain words missing from the Moxie dictionary?

Many folks have asked why certain words such as "June" and "Zen" are missing from the Moxie dictionary. Moxie uses the same dictionary that is used for tournament Scrabble, otherwise known as TWL06. A very short list of potentially offensive words has also been removed from the dictionary.

Scrabble Dictionary
Official Tournament and Club Word List entry on Wikipedia
How do I get my scores on the global high score board?

To submit your scores to the global high score board you need to have the paid version of Moxie and an active internet connection.
Why doesn't my score show up on the global high score board?

In order to allow more people to participate, each user is allowed to have only one high score on each global high score board. While you may submit multiple scores, only your highest qualifying score will be displayed.
What are the differences between the paid and free versions of Moxie?

There are several important enhancements that you get when you buy the paid version of Moxie:

  • Personal high scores
  • Ability to submit your scores to the global high score board
  • "Vegetable" Moxie word category
  • "Mineral" Moxie word category
  • No advertising between games